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A Bird Walk like no other...

Welcome to Akamba African Bird Walk; the first phase of our Tropical House development and a popular attraction with our visitors. This free flight aviary houses a diverse range of bird species from all over Africa.

All of our birds are captive bred in the UK or Europe, meaning that they are acclimatized to our weather and temperatures. They do however, have various hot spots situated around the aviary, where warmth and refuge can be sought. For this reason, you may not see all of the birds immediately, so we encourage you to take a seat, remain quiet and patient in order to get the most out of your experience.

Akamba African Bird Walk is carefully designed and planted out to accommodate the many different species of birds and replicate the various wild habitats they are native to.

The staged human settlement or “shamba” as it is known in Kenya offers a peaceful seating area, where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of our birds. Here, you are likely to meet Taru, our friendly and inquisitive African grey hornbill, who will happily sit with you as you watch the various finches and weavers diving down to feed on the crops of millet, cabbage and kale. You may also be greeted by Shenzi, our very naughty African pied crow and Jamba, the very affectionate Schalow’s turaco.