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A Reptile House like no other...

Welcome to Akamba Reptile House, where you will see a range of invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles from all over the world. Our reptile house is designed to capture your senses and provide you with an authentic learning experience. Walk around the exhibits as you listen to the sounds of nature and learn all about our animals, as well as key topics such as evolution and conservation.

Our beautifully themed reptile house holds a diverse range of invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles; many of which are appropriate for visitor handling experiences. Our exhibits offer you the chance to learn about some of the present- day threats to survival in the wild, as well as other key conservation issues. Akamba Reptile house features some impressive mixed species exhibits, which make for interesting viewing, whilst also providing our animals with environmental and social enrichment.

Wherever possible, our animal keepers aim to offer informative presentations and handling opportunities, however, during busy periods this may not always be possible. Therefore, if you would like a guaranteed handling experience and keeper presentation, you are welcome to book privately.